What You Need to Know About Our Average Online Learning Student

One of the things that students and their parents often want to know about The Centre for Learning @ Home is what life is like for one of our average students on an average day. That’s reasonable, especially when you consider that online learning, at any age, sometimes requires a few adjustments to the way you approach school.

The only problem? 

We aren’t sure there is such a thing as an “average” student in any of our programs.

We mean that literally and figuratively. Although there are definitely some similarities amongst the learners who are enrolled with us, they come from all different walks of life. What’s more, many of them are about as far from average as you can get. To understand why, realize that there are lots of different reasons to be interested in classes at The Centre for Learning @ Home, including:

Scheduling. Some of our students are involved in specialized or athletic training at the highest levels, which means they need options for completing their education that fall outside normal classroom hours. The very fact that they are so exceptional in one area means that they need flexibility in their schedule and course work.

Location and travel. From the middle of Alberta to the Middle East, some of our students want to continue on their existing educational track – either for a year or two, or permanently – despite the fact that they aren’t able to physically attend a local classroom. With our online learning programs, they can keep pace with their classmates no matter where they happen to be sitting.

Faith. In today’s highly secular public schools, many parents and students are concerned that they aren’t getting the faith and perspectives they need and expect from a high-quality educational system. We are able to offer alternatives that include religious viewpoints, philosophies, and practices along with traditional coursework.

Accelerated learning. From the students who want to “catch up” after time away from the classroom to those who are simply looking to get ahead, online learning offers the chance to take more (or different) classes than they would get in a local public school.

As you can see, none of these students – or their situations – qualifies as being “average,” but they all have flexibility and the need for a great education in common. At The Centre for Learning @ Home, we are proud to be able to play our part and help. So what is it like to be an average student with us? It’s nothing short of living an exceptional life!

To find out more about our programs and online learning options, why not contact a member of our admissions team today?

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