Where Does Faith Fit in With Online Learning?

At The Centre for Learning @ Home, one of the biggest advantages we are able to offer to our students and their families is flexibility. Because of the nature of our programs, we can allow young people to get a quality education anywhere in the world, at virtually any time, and structure their classes and focus in a way that makes sense for them.

One of the underrated benefits of that kind of system is the ability to tailor a learning program to specific beliefs and tenets of faith. Simply put, we think that faith does have a role in learning and young people’s lives, and are proud to give them the chance to explore that through our virtual classrooms.

Here are three ways that The Centre for Learning @ Home can combine faith with learning in a way that public and traditional schools can’t:

1. By allowing parents to make choices. Obviously, choosing a curriculum of faith-based courses is the most obvious example, but the fact remains that we are able to let families throughout Alberta customize an educational plan to meet their religious needs and views.

2. By offering a different set of influences. Students are heavily influenced by the world around them – especially the youngest ones – and parents often worry about the kinds of language, ideas, and beliefs that their kids are being presented with in public schools. Through our online learning programs, parents can exercise more control over the influences their children are exposed to in the learning environment.

3. By making it easier to discuss topics at home. Because our online learning platforms let students study in the comfort of their own homes, it’s easier for them to discuss issues with parents and other family members as they come up. That’s just one more way that we let parents take a more active role in their children’s lives, and faith.

Are you looking for ways to build a faith-based curriculum for your children? Contact The Centre for Learning @ Home today and learn about the many ways we can help.

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