7 Ways We Help Our Students to Keep Their Faith

Earlier this month, we added a post about the role of faith and education, and how we are proud to be one tool that Alberta families can use to emphasize God in students’ educations. Today, we want to look at seven more specific ways that we are able to help our students to hold on to their faith, and even grow in it, as they continue in the learning process:

1. Through daily e-mails offering religious reading, reflection, and prayer. Why not start the day with the right attitude and mindset?

2. With daily announcements and special mentions of those in need of prayer, healing, and grace. Growing in our spirituality isn’t just about ourselves, but also our love for others.

3. Christian Action and Above and Beyond Awards for both students and staff. There is always time to recognize those who are doing God’s will and making a difference.

4. Through our mission of Courage, Faith, and Love. These aren’t just words, but the principles that guide us in our effort to change and improve young lives.

5. Online liturgies and prayers to start learning. Every class begins with an acknowledgment of God’s love and plan, so we can better fulfill His purpose.

6. Regular guest speakers, including our parish priest. We want our students to have the best perspectives possible, especially when it comes to their faith.

7. Weekly spiritual learning meetings for our staff. It’s important that our team be on the right path if we are going to help our students to do the same.

In every case, we feel that these activities and additions enhance not just what we are able to offer students and their families, but also our own spiritual lives. That’s just part of what makes The Centre for Learning @ Home so special.

To find out more about the ways we can combine faith with online learning, contact an admissions counselor at The Centre for Learning @ Home today, or simply talk to one of the hundreds of families we help every week.

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