Extra Credit for Real World Skills?

06 Jul 2011

Now that summer is finally here, many of our students will not just be making up high school credits through summer classes – many will also be working towards their diploma by taking advantage of programs that offer progress through real-world job experience and training. If you are a student who was looking for a way to finish your diploma …

Summer Classes are Coming Soon!

24 Jun 2011

While millions of students around Canada are looking forward to the summer off, some of the truly ambitious are using the time to get a leg up, or catch up on the missed courses. Meanwhile, here at the Online Learning Center, we are gearing up for another busy summer.

Last year, more than 850 students took advantage of our online classes …

5 Reasons to Consider an Online Learning Program

10 Jun 2011

Online learning, and especially the wider field of “homeschooling,” has changed a lot in the last decade or so. Rather than having to fill out registration forms and testing sheets via mailed pages, most students now get curriculums, lessons, and so much more via the Internet.

The reasons that students and families decide to enroll in classes …

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