5 Commonly Asked Questions About Our Online Learning Programs

It’s not unusual, when they first consider remote learning as a possibility, for students and their families to have a lot of questions. That’s a great thing, because it means that they aren’t just looking for the best ideas for their future, but are willing to do the hard work it takes to find the right answers – wonderful traits in any learner.

Because there tend to be so many questions about online learning, and especially a handful that are relatively simple to answer, here is some insight to five things that new students and their families tend to ask us about a lot:

What is the quality of instruction like? At The Centre for Learning @ Home, we are proud to say that our programs, from primary school through high school, can stand up favorably to any of the others throughout Alberta. In fact, our ability to integrate technology (in the form of web pages, embedded videos, etc.) into lesson plans may even make certain subjects like science and math easier to learn than they would be in a traditional classroom setting.

Do we have to know a lot about computers or technology? Absolutely not. If you were able to navigate to this page, then you already have the skills that are required to take classes at The Centre for Learning @ Home. Our easy-to-use system makes registering and learning with us a simple and straightforward process.

Are there high costs associated with your school? In most cases, the provincial government actually reimburses students and their families for our tuition and supplies, meaning there is no cost. In fact, when you consider expenses like fuel and clothing, some families are actually able to save a lot of money by registering their students with The Centre for Learning @ Home.

Is it true that remote students can work on their own schedule? It is. Because our students are spread throughout the province – and really, all over the world – we structure our lessons and programs in a way that makes it easy for them to log on from anywhere at any time. There isn’t any reason to have to complete a lesson during a certain time period, so long as satisfactory progress is being made.

What’s the best way to find out more about The Centre for Learning @ Home? You can certainly call or e-mail us, or attend one of our E-live sessions. In addition, we recommend that new students and their families reach out to other students in our program – they have a different perspective, and can tell you just how fun and effective our programs are.

Is remote learning right for you and your family? More and more students across Alberta are finding that The Centre for Learning @ Home offers flexible, quality home education that they can’t match elsewhere.

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