Online Learning Technology Just Keeps Growing

Although schools like The Centre for Learning @ Home have traditionally fallen under labels such as “alternative,” “distance learning,” or even “online schools,” those impressions – and designations – may soon be fading away. That’s because, with each passing month, it seems like digital learning options are becoming more mainstream, and the lines between traditional schools and online schools are starting to fray a bit.

For instance, Apple recently unveiled one of their latest iPad innovations, a complete line of digital textbooks. Highly interactive and designed for use with tablets and mobile devices, these are exactly the kind of technological tools that are forcing educators to re-sync the way they work with students, regardless of whether they conduct their classes from a traditional school or an online-based course.

What’s most interesting about the digital textbooks, however, isn’t simply that they exist, but that they may be superior to traditional printed textbooks in a number of ways. For one thing, they can be more easily transported from place to place, updated with new material, or supplemented with material like links and video in a way that older textbooks can’t. And for another, their per-copy cost is far lower than what students and their families are used to paying. Add in the fact that there is no mailing back and forth, no potential for damage to textbooks, no need to worry about re-selling them, etc., and you have a winning formula… for our school or any other.

If you have an iPad or a Mac at home, then we encourage you to check out Apple’s latest line of digital textbooks. There may only be a few titles available at present, but that list is expected to grow dramatically in the future, and it’s a sure bet that both the popularity and features of these options will greatly improve.

What’s next for online learning and The Centre for Learning @ Home? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: The world is starting to notice how beneficial it can be to take advantage of technology for a better classroom learning experience – even if that classroom isn’t the same one as it used to be.

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  1. Comment by Dee Sarwan

    The on-line text books are a phenomenal idea. With a child in university, text books are costing a fortune. Since almost everyone has some type of electronic device, online books makes it easy to ready while travelling, or anywhere anytime. it certainly eases the strain on the shoulders of kids trying to carry these monster size books back and forth to school. Training is a life long activity. when we conduct hair salon training we use various online sources to demonstrate techniques and applications.

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