E-Live Sessions for Parents!

Often, it’s easy for those of us here at The Centre for Learning @ Home to get wrapped up in the benefits of online learning, and especially the flexibility and attention they can offer for special kinds of students, and particularly those who might need non-traditional answers to make school work within a unique schedule, or from a remote location.

What can get lost in the mix, however, is that each of these students has a family who is behind them, and it isn’t always easy for those who haven’t tried online courses to understand how they work, what they can do to help, or even what sorts of questions they should have about the process. Since we’re always looking for more ways to get closer to our students and their loved ones, The Centre for Learning @ Home is considering a series of E-Live sessions just for parents.

These short programs would not only introduce parents to the basics of our technology and virtual classroom format, but also to let them communicate directly with staff and faculty members to address any of their concerns. In short, we’re interested in letting families see exactly what their learners do, and to get a sense of how we use technology not just to overcome factors like distance, but to actually produce a learning environment that can be superior in many ways to what you’d get in a traditional classroom.

These sessions, which would most likely be implemented once or twice per semester, would also address issues of motivation and organization for children learning online, and at home. We know that maintaining motivation and focus can be difficult for students and their families when the distractions of home are close by, and have a number of pieces of real-world tips and advice to share on the subject.

Are you interested in E-Live sessions for parents? Check back on our calendar to see when the first module is scheduled. Or better yet, e-mail us to let us know about your interest, and we’ll keep in touch with you as new programs are scheduled.

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