Are Some Subjects Harder to Teach Online?

 Traditionally, there has been a handful of subjects – especially math and science – that have been as challenging for instructors to teach online as they have been for students to learn. Part of this difficulty has had to do with the relative difficulty of the subjects themselves; another part has been that they were just easier to demonstrate or coach with a person standing over your shoulder while you worked.

Although subjects like math and science still need to be taught a bit differently online, recent changes in the way Internet schools, and especially The Centre For Learning @ Home, operate has made it much easier to be successful with these types of courses.

Here are just a few of the tools online learners have at their disposal now:

Online learning videos. By having the option of employing videos that the student can access from anywhere – and pause or forward in a way that they wouldn’t be able to in a classroom setting – math and science instructors can actually make it easier to master these topics than it would be in a traditional school. That’s because video isn’t just more demonstrative than a blackboard or a diagram, they can also be more memorable.

Interactive lesson pages. In the same way, having lessons with expandable pages, clickable areas, and embedded pictures and media files opens up a whole new dimension to students that didn’t exist even 10 years ago. Interactive lessons can give an enormous advantage to students at The Centre For Learning @ Home, and we’re excited to see how they will continue to develop over the next few years.

Virtual tutoring and coaching. There are certainly times, and especially with math and science, when a little one-on-one instruction is still needed. By taking advantage of the tools above, however, tutors and instructors can get more out of these individual sessions than they would with a simple textbook and a pad of paper. While the conventional thinking may be that math and science are harder to teach over the Internet, all of that is changing quickly. In fact, you might wonder how long it will be until people will start to wonder whether these subjects are better taught in an online forum than a classroom setting!

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