5 Reasons Online Learning Programs Just Keep Growing

Remote learning and correspondence courses have a long history in Canada, from grade school classes being taught at home to college courses that can be completed online and through the mail. In recent years, however, we at The Centre for Learning @ Home have seen a strong trend toward more students and their families choosing online learning options.

Here are five of the reasons our programs, and their popularity, just seem to keep growing:

Technology is making online learning better all the time. There was a time when remote learning meant mailing forms, papers, and exams back and forth with instructors. Although e-mail and fax already made that process faster, new Internet technologies are making lessons and communications more interactive and available in real time. Today’s online classrooms aren’t just as good as traditional school programs areā€¦ they can sometimes be even better.

With education, one size doesn’t fit all. Just as schedules and situations can be different for each student or family, so can the goals of a learning program. Religious, cultural, or career path-specific needs can all lead students to examine curriculums that they can’t find in their local schools. As an online learning centre, we are able to offer courses in choices that other educational institutions can’t.

Online learning works anywhere. This is the obvious benefit, of course, but with more and more Canadians traveling around the world for various reasons, there are more situations where families might want their students to keep up Canadian educational standards overseas. From rural parts of Alberta to cities in the Middle East, we are able to keep kids on track to graduate when they come home.

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Every student learns at his or her own pace, and it isn’t that uncommon for someone to take time off, pursue other interests, or otherwise find that they would like to resume classes later. We understand that every situation is unique, and welcome every student who is ready keep learning.

Special circumstances call for new answers. In the same way, athletes with demanding training schedules, those who are planning highly specialized careers, and other students might have special learning, testing, and scheduling requirements. Because the majority of our courses and materials are based online, we are able to find solutions for almost everyone.

Want to find out more about how easy it is to get started with The Centre for Learning @ Home? Contact one of our admissions and registration specialists today.

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