3 Things Interested Students and Parents Should Know About Online Learning

At the Centre for Learning @ Home, we are so proud of our online school programs and the way they’ve been able to help so many students and their families that it’s sometimes hard for us to remember the reasons that people don’t go to school with us. Although we’ll admit that traditional school settings have their benefits, we often find that interested students and their families are pleasantly surprised to find out just how easy and convenient it is to take our online classes.

In particular, here are three things we think you should know about our online learning programs:

It may not cost you anything. Because there are incentives and rebates available from the provincial government, most of our students and their families end up paying nothing, or very little, for studying with us. Even though this might not be your biggest reason for checking out the Centre for Learning @ Home, it’s nice to have that worry removed.

It’s a great way to catch up on classes, or even get ahead. Many of our best students begin with us because they have had other obligations on their time and want to find a way to make up for credits they have missed. That’s certainly possible with our programs, as is the option to get ahead of your diploma requirements by taking extra classes, or taking them earlier than you would have in a traditional school.

It’s all about flexibility… not geography. While new students and their families traditionally think of our programs as being for those who are in geographically remote parts of Canada, or around the world, the reality is that location is only one of the reasons someone might choose online schooling. The timing of classes, the ability to set a custom curriculum, and even the quality of education can all be strong considerations as well. In fact, there are probably as many reasons for studying with us as there are students, and we do our best to serve each and every one of them with a quality, tailored education.

If you want to know more about our programs, or the benefits, the best thing to do is contact us via phone or our website. We would love to talk about your education, so feel free to reach out and ask questions.

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