SoftChalk is Changing the Centre for Learning @ Home

In the same way that The Centre for Learning @ Home has changed what school means for so many families and students, the implementation of SoftChalk software into our online courses is revolutionizing the way we are able to teach. Already a big hit with faculty and learners alike, it offers a truly unique and innovative teaching platform. If you are a student with Centre for Learning @ Home, then you may have noticed the changes already: In many courses, we’ve replaced the Word documents that used to have to be traded back and forth with an interactive platform. Instead of simply teaching through text, our instructors can now embed images, video, audio clips, and even games and quizzes.

These tools don’t just make it easy to add more depth to our classes, but also to go beyond the normal capabilities of classroom learning. Here are just a few of the benefits to our students:

Increased interactivity. Don’t just read about the topic; see diagrams, click graphics for more information, and even take interactive quizzes and tests!

Lessons that are more memorable. Studies have shown that tools like video, audio, and pictures increase our students’ retention rates. The tools that SoftChalk offer can literally make it easier for students to learn.

Faster communication. With SoftChalk, it’s easier for students to communicate with their teachers quickly, and vice versa.

Less paperwork. Likewise, it’s no longer necessary for so much of the typing, scanning, mailing, and faxing that have traditionally been a part of remote learning. With SoftChalk, most communication can be handled electronically in real time.

Mobile access. Students with smart phones, iPads, and other web-ready devices can now access class work from anywhere. We expect this to make our classes more convenient for all of our students in the coming years.

It’s easy to see why so many of us here at The Centre for Learning @ Home were so excited to get this program started and implemented. While nearly half of our courses have already been converted to SoftChalk, we are in the process of transitioning the rest of them over the next two years. So, if you’ve been looking for the right learning environment, then contact us about upcoming registration today!

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