Learning Support for All Our Students

At The Centre for Learning @ Home, we are proud of the way that we have been able to change and impact the lives of so many of our students. Besides offering a quality education, one of the things we are most proud to be able to offer to our students and their families is a learning support team that’s here to back them every step of the way.

What does our learning support team do?

While it would probably be easier to mention the things they don’t do, here is a brief explanation of what you might want to know:

Our learning support team is made up of one director and nine Educational Assistants (EAs). In a nutshell, the job of this department is to ensure that students are getting the maximum benefit from their education. That can take many forms, of course, but the bottom line is we are here to offer help when it’s needed.

EAs can schedule extra sessions, offer encouragement, or give reminders. The most common way for the learning support department to help students is to get in touch with those who seem to be falling behind on their lessons or coursework. Sometimes, a student may simply need a reminder or some encouragement; other times, a personalized video session and/or hands-on tutoring can be necessary. Either way, our job is to be sure that our lessons are clear, and work for everyone.

We can also help students with special needs. If you or your student has a learning disability, our department can ensure that you get the extra time and preparation you need for your coursework and tests – including helping you to fill out the appropriate paperwork for government exam guidelines. At The Centre for Learning @ Home, we firmly believe in helping each learner to get the assistance and guidance they need.

Whether you think you could benefit from our help, or simply want to ask a few questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at the learning support centre. Remember, we are here to help you get the most out of your classes!

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