One More Reason to Try Online Learning

24 May 2012

In the past, we have tried to outline some of the different reasons that students come to us, usually based on some circumstance in their life that makes online learning an appealing option. For instance, many of the young people who learn with us …

What You Need to Know About Our Average Online Learning Student

09 May 2012

One of the things that students and their parents often want to know about The Centre for Learning @ Home is what life is like for one of our average students on an average day. That’s reasonable, especially when you consider that online learning, …

7 Ways We Help Our Students to Keep Their Faith

17 Apr 2012

Earlier this month, we added a post about the role of faith and education, and how we are proud to be one tool that Alberta families can use to emphasize God in students’ educations. Today, we want to look at seven more …

Where Does Faith Fit in With Online Learning?

03 Apr 2012

At The Centre for Learning @ Home, one of the biggest advantages we are able to offer to our students and their families is flexibility. Because of the nature of our programs, we can allow young people to get a quality education anywhere in …

4 Under-Appreciated Benefits of Online Learning

16 Mar 2012

At Alberta’s Centre for Learning @ Home, we are obviously big fans of Internet classes. Although we had thousands of students who took courses by mail before the advent of online learning, we are excited about the new opportunities that have come with Internet …

5 Commonly Asked Questions About Our Online Learning Programs

08 Mar 2012

It’s not unusual, when they first consider remote learning as a possibility, for students and their families to have a lot of questions. That’s a great thing, because it means that they aren’t just looking for the best ideas for their future, but are …

E-Live Sessions for Parents!

22 Feb 2012

Often, it’s easy for those of us here at The Centre for Learning @ Home to get wrapped up in the benefits of online learning, and especially the flexibility and attention they can offer for special kinds of students, and particularly those …

Online Learning Technology Just Keeps Growing

14 Feb 2012

Although schools like The Centre for Learning @ Home have traditionally fallen under labels such as “alternative,” “distance learning,” or even “online schools,” those impressions – and designations – may soon be fading away. That’s because, with each passing …

2012 is Going to be an Exciting Year for The Centre for Learning @ Home!

14 Jan 2012

With a lot of Alberta schools just getting back into the swing of things, we are reminded of how important education is in the lives of young people, and of how grateful we are to be able to give them the flexibility they might …

Are Some Subjects Harder to Teach Online?

28 Dec 2011

 Traditionally, there has been a handful of subjects – especially math and science – that have been as challenging for instructors to teach online as they have been for students to learn. Part of this difficulty has …

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